Dick DeVenzio's Stuff: Good Players Should Know is a book full of basketball tips for players and coaches. If you are a player, coach, or even a parent this book will give you all new insights on how to play the game you love. If you want to make coaches say, "He/She can play," you need to read this book.

Start in stance, move in stance and end in stance.

Basketball involves starts-stops and changes of direction.

Stick your landing.

stop in a controlled, balanced position.

Quick stop 101:

  1. Knee’s bent – This keeps us low and balanced.

  2. Head up – Allows you to see the court.

  3. Small jumps into the jump stop – Jumping too high  will cause you to land off-balance.


Celtics–  3 pick to Knicks for Porzingas?

              3 pick for Porzingas & Knicks 8?

Celtics–3 pick to Kings for 5 & 10?

Knicks - Carmelo – Not a big return.  To Cavs for Kevin Love.  Cavs need more for Love. 

Do Cavs regret Wiggins/Love trade? 

Draft top 10

Sixers – Markelle Fultz – (Not seen him play)

Lakers – Lonzo Ball (Ugly shot)

Celtics – Josh Jackson  (athlete-shot?)

Suns – DeAaron Fox  (see above) John Wall

Kings – Jayson Tatum  (1st 5 picks OK) - Next 5 tricky

Magic – Jonathan Isaac – Long & thin (unimpressive)

Timberwolves – Dennis Smith (Dunn & Rubio?)

Knicks – Malik Monk (Great shot–has dropped)

Mavericks – Lauri Markkanen (Dirk’s 2.0?)

Kings (again) – Frank Ntilikina (name?)

NOTES: Olympics:  Look out for Canada & Australia (Lots talent.)

Why are Timberwolves not better.  I hope they don’t blow that team up.

 Dave Hopla is one of the world's greatest shooters.


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