Says Ray Allen:

“If there’s anything that bothers coaches more than anything, it’s when the ball stops. You can hear coaches all game, ‘Move it, move it.’”

 “The offense is fun when the ball moves. That first, second and third pass tires them out on defense.”

Energy givers make those around them better.  9 out of 10 people say they are more productive around positive people. 

It's pretty simple. If every player is an energy giver during a workout, the workout becomes more intense & more productive by default. Nothing else is possible! Obviously, if you have productive workouts on a consistent basis, you will make progress.

Don’t drain energy by loafing, arguing, and complaining. 

Not everyone can be 7-feet tall or can jump out of the gym. But everyone can be an energy giver. Being an energy giver is a conscious choice. It is an attitude.

Energy givers raise the confidence of everyone they come in contact with. Energy givers improve morale, chemistry & performance. Coaches & teammates love players who are energy givers.

During your offseason workouts, do you give energy by listening & being coachable? By being a supportive teammate? By being enthusiastic? By working as hard as you possibly can?

Are you an energy giver?

 Don't hold the ball.  The ball should not stick in your hands.

Pass, shoot or attack immediately.

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