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Coach Fleming Basketball Camp

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

You can always get better but you can’t do it without sweating.  Casual shooting will not get it done.  Non-competitive games will not get it done.  Practice at a faster pace than you normally play, get out of your comfort zone.  Basketball is a running sport. 

Take a do more than is expected approach. This works for everything.

Try it with your vocabulary by learning and using a new word every day.  Like “cacophony” – LOOK IT UP – THEN USE IT.  Test it on your parents. 


Coach Fleming is all about fundamental basketball.   Get good at the (mundane) stuff. – We will teach the mundane stuff in a fun way.  You won’t even know you’re learning a FUNdamental.


Help us pass the word along:


Every good player tell another player, every great player tell Two.

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Brookfield, CT