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You can't dribble through a buffalo herd and more common sense HOOP stuff.

REBOUND / DEFEND / PASS and have fun. These things will never change.

REBOUND – When on defense, every player has to go for every rebound aggressively. Get inside position - Make contact and box out to create space. Use 2 hands

DEFENSE – 1. Protect the basket. 2. Apply pressure to the man with the ball. 3. Be in position to help (Always see the ball on defense) 5 players work together.

PASS – If a teammate is open – pass the ball. Break 3 to get open, (don’t bury yourself). Short and sure passes are needed.

PASS, PASS, PASS. ESPECIALLY AGAINST A PRESS. You can’t dribble through a Buffalo herd.

Brookfield, CT