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What we would like to see at Coach Fleming Basketball Camp.

Players having fun.

Players developing good Basketball habits.

Take as many situations as possible out of the thought process and turn them into quick reactions requiring no thought.

Below are some examples:

Hands up on a shot (don’t jump) – then make contact, box out and go get the ball.

Retrieving a loose ball – get strong with ball – look at your basket. Don’t dribble immediately.

Pivot Out Of Pressure. – Strong pivots / No leaning backward.

Get Perpendicular to pressure. – This makes you dificult to move.

Go to HOT SPOT after shot is taken for a rebound.

If you make a mistake or a bad play. CLAP TWICE and hustle to make something happen.

When you touch the ball on offense, always look at the hoop.

And many, many more ……