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nOtes on Offense

Offensive Basketball notes:

Dribble only to gain an advantage. No purposeless (P-DRIBBLES)

Always be on balance – (shooting, passing, stopping etc)

Take good shots – Ones you would be willing to bet on.

Race ball from 3 point line to 3 point line (Extra points if you use rolling crossovers)

Develop first step quickness without travelling. Ball and stepping foot work together.

Play low for many reasons.

Develop 2 foot stop (for balance and power) especially in the paint.

Use fakes – shots and passes (This is an art – practice)

Make sharp hard cuts. – Learn to push off on outside of your sneakers.

Don’t play near the boundary lines. You might get electrocuted.

Visualize ball going into hoop etc. Positive, confident thoughts.

Remind a teammate of something before it happens.

Encourage your teammates.

Say thank you, hello and goodbye to your coaches.

That’s enough for now.

Brookfield, CT