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Sunday, July 23, 2017


It’s fun.  2nd most popular sport in the world. Basketball helps develop athletic & social skills that carry over into everyday lives.

It’s social.  It helps develop many important life skills like teamwork, sharing, leadership & communication.

It’s everywhere.  Schools have basketball program for students. Rec centers offer basketball for kids & adults. Best of all, basketball is played indoors meaning no cold or rain!

It’s simple.  You only need a ball. Most gyms have a hoop & parks & schools have outdoor hoops. Bring a friend & play some 1on1 in the driveway. 

It’s inexpensive.  Basketball is affordable. You can play it for free.

It can lead to fantastic experiences.  If you find a passion & develop into a good player, you may find basketball will offer a unique experience by playing on travelling teams, school teams or even in College.

 Put in the work & see where basketball takes you.



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