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I want to express our gratitude for signing up for our first Coach Fleming Boys’ Camp! We had a great time this week & hope the players had as much fun as we did. I'm proud to say that each one of these young men rose to the challenge.

I asked our campers to continue working on their game even as we finished up a demanding week of hoops. Now that camp is over the real work begins. Champions are made in the off season & if we inspired them to continue working hard on their own, then Ed & I will be satisfied.

Moving forward,we will also continue to work hard to provide quality instruction. Please give us your feedback on the camp, suggestions for future camps, etc. Please check in at for updates on any clinics, mini camps & 1on1 instruction we will start providing this Fall.

Lastly, if you are happy with how this week went please don't keep us a secret.


Brookfield, CT