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Pivot Out Of Pressure

Often a player with the ball, especially one who has used his dribble, gets a defender moving into his face, pressuring. The reaction of the player with the ball is to lean backward, off-balance, and force himself to throw a weak pass to the side. (Once you lean backward, you hardly have any other option.) This tendency to lean backward is a bad habit. There is a move that can quickly put you back on the attack. The move takes no talent, Pivot Out Of Pressure, or POOP, you need to twist your upper body a quarter turn to the side & bring the ball down to your waist alongside your body (on your side, not straight down in front).

The habit of pivoting out of pressure takes about a minute to learn. (You don’t even need a ball to practice it.)

Be on balance & the aggressor, not the guy leaning backward.

Brookfield, CT