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What a tremendous advantage you would have if you view every negative as an opportunity.

During the course of any athlete’s season, there will be many adverse circumstances to deal with. To many athletes, these circumstances come as a big surprise & cause great distress. Their performance suffers. They “would-a” won or they “could-a” done well, but the circumstances… Adverse circumstances are normal, expected, awaited, and to be viewed simply as a chance to show off—in the best way possible. Oh sure, you would have won if it hadn’t rained. Well, big deal. It rained. And you suddenly had the opportunity to demonstrate that you could win in spite of the rain. The opportunity to win the admiration of teammates, coaches, and true sports fans suddenly increased when it rained, but you used the rain as a justification for losing instead of seizing the moment to magnify the admiration that could have come from winning