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Receive the outlet pass higher than Free Throw Line Extended!

Get wide with heels toward sideline. Look at the menu to see what’s available.

The goal is to never receive an outlet pass in the Dead Zone.

Pitch Ahead – “If you can, you must.” Get the ball airborne over the halfcourt line as often as possible! The pass moves faster than the dribble.

Make passes 1. Up the rail (think high speed rail like a Bullet Train), 2. To the rim runner or 3. Long diagonal advance pass

If no pitch ahead is available, “crack the shell” with the dribble.

Cracking the shell is driving the ball inside the three point line as deep as possible, preferably all the way to the rim.

Cross Main Street, with the dribble. This is particularly pesky for the defense as they sometimes lose track of the ball as it crosses the floor behind them.

Brookfield, CT